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Black & Grey Squirrel at Edge of Woods Video Winter Day


Black & Grey Squirrel at Edge of Woods

#TrailCamProject - WildlifeAnimals.net

Landman Realty LLC - 888-696-8695 - https://Thelandman.net is the Sponsor for the #TrailCamProject that is hosted by WildlifeAnimals.net. This project took years of placing trail cameras at key locations on the land and capturing wildlife in their natural environment. Then came the process of sorting through tens of thousands of videos and countless hours of cataloging, editing and now posting them online. We hope that these and the thousands of videos to come will inspire you and help you to enjoy nature.

Video - Wisconsin - Black Squirrel - Grey Squirrel - Edge of Woods - Day - Winter - Adams County WI 1-22-2021

Trail Camera Video of a Black Squirrel leaping off snow covered log as a Grey Squirrel comes into view that mills around the woods a little bit then runs off. This was filmed in Adams County Wisconsin during the day on January 23rd 2021 with snow on the ground in the woods - https://wildlifeanimals.net/black-grey-squirrel-at-edge-of-woods-winter-day

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Trail Camera Video



Black Squirrel

Grey Squirrel

Day Video

Trail Camera

Adams County WI

Winter 2021

Snow on Ground

Trail Cam Project

Squirrel Video

Snow Covered Log

Landman Realty LLC



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Typically trail cameras are triggered by motion but can also be activated by sound as well. Depending on your setting once the trail camera is activated it will capture photos and/or videos for a set amount of time. Most night time videos are shorter then day time due to the manufacturers default settings despite there being lots of wildlife activity. There is a set delay before the camera will reactivate .  This is to help save the battery life. PLEASE NOTE: Trail Cameras, SD Card and normal Batteries are expensive (especially rechargeable batteries)  so PLEASE support us by visiting our sponsors!


#TrailCamProject Sponsor - Landman Realty LLC 888-696-8695 https://Thelandman.net for Central Wisconsin area information and Central WI Real Estate for Sale.

Squirrel Video

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