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Central Wisconsin Canoeing Video


Central Wisconsin Canoeing Video

Central Wisconsin Canoeing Stock Video - Canoe, Canoes, Canoer, Canoers & Canoeing Adams WI  - https://thelandman.net/central-wisconsin-canoeing.html

Central WI Canoers

What is Canoeing? Simply put, canoeing is the use of a canoe on a body of water.  In Wisconsin there are plenty of canoeing activities.  There is an abundance of waters to choose from for every type of venture. Depending on the type of watercraft you have you will be able to be Exploring, Fishing, River Tripping, Wildlife Viewing, Experiencing Nature and the outdoors also even playing games like tag on waters all over Wisconsin. Typically canoes DO NOT HAVE AN ENGINE but could have one mounted.  Most of the time the passengers paddling is the power source and is great exercise for your upper body and cardiovascular system.  Canoes use a single paddle with a blade on one end. Performance is dictated by the operators ability and the design of the canoe including the hull shape, style, size, shape, sides and bottom. If you’re an early bird person, get out there and enjoy sunrises on your favorite creek, river, lake or pond on a cool morning.  Or take time to appreciate a great Wisconsin sunset as you’re recording your experience catching a Northern Pike with your canoeing video camera setup. You might get to see some wildlife that you would not get to see from shore by using a load motor boat.  You can never predict what you will see.  Get unique photos of waterfowl of all kinds including Ducks, Canadian Geese, Swans and other birds that love the water like Cranes, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Egrets and Herons.

Central WI Canoeing

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