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Chapel Gorge Trail Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area Video


Chapel Gorge Trail Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area Video

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Landman Realty LLC presents Chapel Gorge Trail - Dells of the Wisconsin River - South Parking Lotis located on River Road East of the Wisconsin River and North of Wisconsin Dells. The parking lot starts the Chapel Gorge Trail that goes through the woods and turns into a loop. At the end of the loop is a nice sandy beach on the river. This is basically the only spot on the East side of the Wisconsin River in the State Natural Area where you can get to the water. The rest of the shoreline is closed due to safety concerns because of the steepness and to protect the lands natural features. The hiking trail is 1.62 miles long in total with a maximum altitude of 1,010 ft above sea level. At the beach area you can see parts of the 5 mile long gorge where the river caved away exposing some of the Cambrian Sandstone cliffs, canyons and rock formations. Video has Still Canon Photography, GoPro and Video of the Trails, State Natural Area, Waterfront, Park Area, Wisconsin River, Historical Signs, etc... - https://thelandman.net/chapel-gorge-trail-dells-of-the-wisconsin-river.html

Chapel Gorge Trail

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Dells of the Wisconsin River Stat Natural Area

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Dells of the Wisconsin River Video

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